An interview with Hey there Emilie

Clearly when I had the possibility to speak with Emilie, I had a lot of issues I was burning to ask– like how Hello Emilie started and how her love for photography and travel became her full-time career. Inspect out on for the complete feature post with among the most likewise simple and talented creatives in this market.

For several years I have actually lusted over the ethereal places, nomadic backgrounds and pastel-coloured skies of Emilie Ristevskis take a trip images (understood expertly as Hello Emilie). And for several years I have enjoyed seeing Emilies photography style grow and progress, to become who I believe to be among the most skilled expert photographers recording travel in an ethereal, constantly inspiring method.

@helloemilieWhat do you explain yourself as skillfully?

Skillfully I fall under the Creative Industry as a photographer, launched author & & & innovative director. Although personally, it feels so much more than that– Visual storytelling and photography have really constantly been more than what I do, its part of who I am. I awaken every day sensation grateful that I have the ability to record my love for our world and capture the world around me.

@helloemilieHow did your blogging journey start?

When I discovered white and black movie photography in a small darkroom, my love for photography initially began years ago. I keep in mind the minute I saw my very first image develop in the chemicals right prior to my eyes, I was right away interested and it opened an entire new world for me.

All of it started through checking out a sense of interest and finding a personal and innovative outlet. I simply loved producing and sharing stories and with great deals of energy, time and dedication Im grateful to be able to keep producing for over 10 years now.

My journey has been a truly long and easy to use one.

Do you keep in mind the very first paid project you took part in?

I do bear in mind getting my really first commissioned travel task– it was amazing, aggravating and I need to state, I was a little ignorant. I was studying at the time and I keep in mind thinking about turning the chance down as it felt truly out of my convenience zone. I remember feeling both astonished and shocked to get a possibility to travel while also being invested for it, it was something I didnt even realise was possible. Reflecting on it now I do think it does return to that an individual journey, that enabled me to break through and result in a number of the other unbelievable experiences along the method. Each task that I continued to feel out of my convenience in fact helped lead onto the next.

@helloemilieDid you ever prefer to be or do anything else?

Photography was constantly something I came back to and I fell more and more in love with the treatment behind creating images and the ability to inform stories. The mix of travel and photography helped to me develop a strong sense of story, a technique to develop work that felt transportive and record the untold wonders of our world.

I like how various imaginative pursuits can combine together with each set of abilities assisting to stabilize each other out and allowing me to create in a new way. At times I do not believe I might ever be defined as merely a professional photographer or simply doing something as there are numerous various aspects that go into my work.

Constantly! As an imaginative individual, my mind is continuously believing and roaming of the next thing I can take a look at or develop. Focusing on travel was never ever intentional and while studying a Bachelor of Design at university I always visualized myself in some way in the design world.

@helloemilieInstagram is still in great deals of ways considered the premier platform for our industry, why do you believe that is?

It began out as a place for innovative expression and someplace I might share my photography and over the last years that has actually all considerably changed. The method individuals share and take in social media is considerably altering and while I do think Instagram will develop new functions to stay pertinent, Ive personally continuously saw it as simply a tool.

Can you show aiming travel professional photographers how you make money as a creator?

All those years ago when I started this journey I had no concept that this would lead to a profession and a full-time earnings. Back in 2011 Instagram and socials media marketing felt brand-new and there were many grey areas around what to charge and utilize customers. This was certainly a finding out experience and over the last a number of years I utilize the following ingenious services to produce income: photography, video production, licensing of images & & & video, imaginative instructions, travel writing, sponsored campaigns/social media marketing, hosted workshops and brand name ambassadorships. When working with clients to assist ensure I can provide the highest quality of product to assist form long term engagement, I have a really cumulative strategy. Sponsored product and social networks projects are a huge part of my profits, although I similarly have other smaller sized income streams like book royalties and other passive earnings streams I am presently working on.

@helloemilieWhat do you have on your profession container list?

I wish to have a look at more of my design background and get back into more styling and editorial work. There are still numerous places and consumers that would be an outright dream to work with and tick off! I would also take pleasure in to deal with more non for earnings and find more approaches to supply back to focus on the tasks that are really near my heart.

@helloemilieDo you find there is a distinction in between living in genuine time and living online?

@helloemilieYou and your partner Jason both capture the spectacular images for Hello Emilie, how do you believe working as a group helps or avoids the imaginative procedure?

I genuinely believe teaming and working up with others is one of the most crucial elements of the innovative process and the market as a whole. For myself it has actually been amongst the very best methods to discover, grow and also remain inspired, its similarly why we like sharing our creative procedure on our photography workshops!.

A curse and a real blessing– Ive constantly seen my platform more as an escape, as Ive developed a little world of my own. My individual life has really likewise stayed incredibly personal, so I feel grateful to have really found a healthy balance that allows me to stay grounded.

My partner and I have actually been producing and working together with another for over 6 years and while there has really been various positives there are definitely challenges to working, taking a trip and costs practically every 2nd with your partner! Prior to we satisfied, Jason and I were both photographers and creatives in our own right both with truly various styles of work. Artistically we see things actually in a various way, something which has really been extremely beneficial for our ingenious treatment.

@helloemilieWhat was the motivation for beginning photography journeys?

Its now been close to 5 years hosting our photography workshops and they have been some of the most remarkable and satisfying minutes I have really ever experienced. It is a straight-out advantage to satisfy so great deals of comparable individuals from all around the world and share some really magical travel minutes together, all while teaching whatever we understand about photography, the ins and outs of how and why we develop and the value of significant storytelling.

@helloemilieWhat have been your preferred places where you have hosted tours?

When a year, definitely Namibia– Pre Covid this was the annual trip we would host. Namibia uses such an unique photogenic background and is my preferred area to catch the perfect balance in between surreal landscapes and African wildlife.

What are your approaching trips (destinations/dates)?

Our next workshop is our Classic 13 day Namibia Tour and is arranged for next year in late April & & & May! We were stunned by how rapidly our very first tour offered out so by need we were able to supply a second photography workshop in May 2022 (which is now almost used out with simply one area offered!) We will perhaps be hosting one in Tanzania later on in the year and likewise looking into some other amazing places like Greenland!

@helloemilieHow did you get approached to publish a book?

For a couple of years beforehand, I was in contact with another author who supported my work and continued to accredit and purchase various of my images to make use of within books and likewise for a number of book covers. Im not entirely sure nevertheless I think the exact same publisher may have observed this and looked into my work– They initially connected to develop a book around slow living within nature and it developed from there.

@helloemilieWhat was the process like for you– was it harder than prepared for?

Much more challenging than I expected! It was actually a substantial knowing curve for myself, I needed to launch a lot of the imaginative control and accessory I have with my pictures and put my complete count on experts in another field. I had the capability to discover a lot about the publishing world and it allowed me to take a look at my archives of work from a completely new perspective and also grow artistically.

Forever Wandering by Emilie RistevskiWould you ever introduce a 2nd book after the success of your very first book?

Definitely! It is something I have actually already been believing about and conceptualising. My extremely first book Forever Wandering includes a huge summary and archive of work from the previous decade, so I do envision my next book to be exceptionally numerous and check out more thorough concepts and series.

Permanently Wandering by Emilie RistevskiWho would you state the book is for?

Brooke Saward.
Brooke Saward established World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to motivate others to see our world. She now divides her time between experiences abroad and adventures in the cooking area, with a particular powerlessness for French pastries.
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There are still a lot of places and customers that would be an absolute dream to work with and tick off! My partner and I have in fact been working and producing alongside another for over 6 years and while there has really been numerous positives there are certainly challenges to working, taking a journey and investing nearly every 2nd with your partner! Prior to we fulfilled, Jason and I were both photographers and creatives in our own right both with extremely various styles of work. As a group we have the ability to take both of our distinct abilities and collaborate to produce on an entire new level. For a couple of years ahead of time, I touched with another author who supported my work and continued to accredit and purchase numerous of my images to make use of within books and also for several book covers.

With many uncertainties around the world today, I hope Forever Wandering is able to bring your mind into the wilderness of our charming world and assist you find a depth of wonder and wonder for our planet. At a time when our method to take a trip is changing, and bring back natures balance is more essential than ever, Forever Wandering is a visual insight into our natural world, telling a significant story of how we can find a much deeper connection with our universe– and ourselves.

I would likewise take pleasure in to work with more non for profits and find more techniques to supply back to focus on the tasks that are really close to my heart.

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My partner and I have been producing and working together with another for over 6 years and while there has actually been various positives there are definitely challenges to working, taking a trip and spending almost every 2nd with your partner! My really first book Forever Wandering contains a big summary and archive of work from the previous years, so I do visualize my next book to be extremely various and check out more in-depth principles and series.

My partner and I have actually been working and producing alongside another for over 6 years and while there has in fact been so many positives there are definitely challenges to working, taking a trip and investing almost every 2nd with your partner! For a few years in advance, I was in contact with another author who supported my work and continued to certify and buy many of my images to make use of within books and similarly for several book covers.