Theres a turning point in any imaginatives profession where you suddenly comprehend this is not just an enthusiasm, youre discovering a feasible service technique and profession. Do you keep in mind the really first paid task you participated in?

The world of travel has formally opened and for the very first time in 2 years, it appears a return to travel is on the horizon. With that, were following on with our interview series of the worlds best travel blog site writers, travel professional photographers and travel influencers. Today were talking with Michelle Halpern, an unbelievable travel expert photographer and blog writer from California. Michelles blog, Live like its the Weekend, is an excellent source of travel inspiration and tangible ideas. Heres everything we wanted to ask her about establishing her successful travel blog website and making travel her career!

Deciding to launch Live Like its the Weekend followed I initially decided to leave my business style marketing function and travel solo for a year. I do not remember the particular minute when that choice came, nevertheless I understand that there was a duration where I felt really unhappy and out of positioning with my profession.

My extremely very first paid project was with Aveeno, and it wasnt till I was currently a year into blogging! I believe I recognized actually early on though that this might be a feasible occupation, I felt in ones bones it was going to take a LOT of tough work, sacrifice and decision.

I understood I required a drastic life modification and I wished to do something that felt a little scary and would put me out of my element. An associate of mine had just recently quit our business to circumnavigate South East Asia for 3 months and when she returned back she appeared very renewed, delighted and totally free– not to mention she returned with a Dutch future husband! If she can make that leap I definitely can too, I keep in mind kind of taking a look at that situation and specifying to myself.

As soon as I had actually formally made the option to go all out, beginning a blog site looked like a natural next action utilizing the interests and skills I d brought with me from my previous life operating in style editorial and social media.

How did your blogging journey start– do you bear in mind where you were when you selected you were going to begin a blog website?

Did you ever want to do or be anything else? Did you ever go to university?

I studied Magazine Journalism at Syracuse University and started my occupation off in style editorial and social media networks marketing for a number of various organization prior to releasing my own blog. I think in another life I d also love to be a therapist!

Instagram is still in lots of techniques believed about the premier platform for our market, why do you think that is?

I think in various approaches its merely due to the truth that it was the very first image platform to genuinely get it ideal and connect complete strangers around the globe, and it has the most users still given that of it.

How do you make cash? Simplify for intending travel bloggers!

Ive made money in numerous different techniques thinking about that beginning in this industry, from sponsorship jobs with tourist boards, to offering my photography to trademark name, to freelance composing for travel sites, affiliate earnings and everything in between. The breakdown of how I earn money has actually altered over the years as my site has actually grown and advanced and as Ive focused on numerous revenues streams.

In 2021 for instance, the breakdown of my earnings has actually looked something like this:.

60% from affiliate sales on

20% from brand sponsorships through the blog website and social networks.

15% advertisement income from

5% from product sales on my Editing Presets and Fine Art Prints.

What do you have on your career pail list?

Now a photography journey all throughout Namibia is VERY high on my pail list. It just looks otherworldly!

Do you find there is a difference in between living in real time and living online?

Yes, of course. There is no question that living in real-time and living online are 2 extremely numerous realities. Considered that covid began, Ive put a lot more focus into my individual life, health, and relationships and in many cases I need to recommend myself to share a few of these things online due to the fact that I get captured up just living life and relatively “disappearing” from my online life for a while. And truthfully, I think thats a beautiful thing.

Where is your favourite location youve shared on your Instagram?

Many simply recently, the Subway Cave in Sedona was such a distinct area that resembles youre in a website to another world.

Existed anywhere so special that you ~ didnt ~ share it online?

I believe among the failures of having this job is that I feel a lot of guilt if I dont share something at all online, since you never ever know when youll have an opportunity to have a look at once again! The times I do not share are less about where I am and more about who Im with. In some cases I like to just remain in the company of pals, put my phone and cam away and be absolutely present in the moment.

Do you have a preferred city and why?

Cape Town is my preferred city in the world. It feels like a mix of house (LA) with a little Miami (where I was born) combined in, however with the considerable mountainous cliffs as a backdrop that make it unlike any other city.

Do you have a favourite country and what is so special about it?

There are too lots of to pick just one, however as cliché as it may be coming from an American, Mexico is a location I continue to return back and know I will enjoy for life. I enjoy whatever about Mexico.

If you were to drop whatever now and fly someplace, where is calling you?

Literally anywhere legendary and tropical where I could scuba dive. Tahiti, Raja Ampat or Bora sounds really good today.

What are your bucketlist destinations you intend to go to?

Probably top 5 I intend to take a look at in the future are Namibia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Oman, and Greece (I went on a family journey when I was a kid however have not been back considered that)!

Finest book of all time?

The Celestine Prophecy is an effective one that has stuck to me for several years– not always for its writing– however for the incredibly extensive underlying messages about the universe, life and the energy we offer to one another as humans. Cant recommend it enough.

Do you have a kindle or pick real books?

Brooke Saward.
Brooke Saward developed World of Wanderlust as a location to share motivation from her journeys and to influence others to see our world. She now divides her time in between experiences abroad and experiences in the cooking area, with a particular powerlessness for French pastries.
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I prefer real books, however I do have a Kindle and like it for when I travel. Plus, the dictionary and highlighting functions are amazing if youre truly attempting to get the most out each read. Still, theres definitely nothing quite like entering into somebodies house and searching their bookshelves to get a sense of who they are. Its my favored thing– so, books for the win all the method!

With that, were following on with our interview series of the worlds finest travel blog site writers, travel professional photographers and take a journey influencers. Heres everything we desired to ask her about producing her successful travel blog site and making travel her profession!

The world of travel has formally opened up and for the very first time in two years, it seems a return to travel is on the horizon. With that, were following on with our interview series of the worlds finest travel blog writers, travel professional photographers and take a journey influencers. Heres whatever we wanted to ask her about creating her effective travel blog site and making travel her occupation!

With that, were following on with our interview series of the worlds best travel blog site authors, travel photographers and take a trip influencers. Heres everything we wished to ask her about establishing her successful travel blog site and making travel her profession!